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Benefits of Leather vs. Microfiber Sectional Sofas

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Are you looking to buying a reversible sectional sofa but confused on whether you should get leather or microfiber upholstery? If so, let us help you make your shopping experience an easier one by going over the advantages that leather and microfiber upholstery offers.

Leather and Microfiber Sectionals

What is your preferred style?

If you love the look that modern, contemporary or urban furniture exudes, consider a leather or leather-like sectional sofa. For a softer, more inviting look, a microfiber sectional would be the perfect fit for your home. Microfiber has the unique ability to look great in any home setting while still radiating a subtle, edgy look.

Gray Black Sectional Sofa

What is comfortable to you?

All of our customers have different preferences when it comes to their furniture. The level of comfort a piece of furniture provides is crucial for meeting your specific needs. If you want your sectional to be plush and soft to the touch, microfiber fabric upholstery has you covered. Microfiber is known for giving a level of comfort that is unmatched by any other type of fabric upholstery. Other features microfiber offers that is not commonly known is that it wicks away moisture, which comes in handy during hot summer days or when accidentally falling asleep on the couch.

Leather and leather-like upholstery on the other hand, is soft to the touch in a firm yet flexible way. One of the greatest advantages this type of upholstery offers is that there are many comfortable variations to meet the comfort needs of even the most specific customers. The one feature that particularly makes real genuine leather stand out from its imitation counterparts is that it has the ability to adjust to temperature, allowing you to stay cool even on the hottest days. There is no need to worry about sweating or sticking to the material!

White Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa

What is your budget?

Once you decide upon the style you want expressed in your home and a comfort level that suits you, it’s time to consider how much you want to spend on a brand new sectional sofa.One of our most popular sectional sofas such as this affordable transitionalstyle sectional sofa comes upholstered in a stylish black faux leather upholstery. Even on a budget, the best part about sectional sofas are that there is no limit to how many pieces you can combine as long as you have the room. You can build your living room piece by piece until you finally have it set up the way you picture it in your head.

Red Bonded Leather Match Sectional Sofa

So which upholstery is better?

The answer varies depending on the style you are looking for, the type of comfort level you want and your overall budget. At OC Furniture, we are confident you will be happy with your sectional sofa because each type of upholstery offers its own unique benefits. 

Contact us at 714-744-1926 for any additional questions you may have regarding our selection of sectional sofas.

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