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Best Daybeds: Orange County Style

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Sit, lie, sleep – few pieces of furniture can contend with the versatility of the daybed. Switching effortlessly from stylish couch to comfy bed, this chaise lounge/bed hybrid easily proves itself as a staple piece of furniture. Let us walk you through daybed designs to discover your style – from the understated straight lines of modern style daybeds, to the mirrors and glittering metallics of glam style daybeds.

Glam Style

Glam style daybeds are the perfect option for homes that opt for a touch of luxury. Think mirrors, stunning fabrics, high backs and heavy detailing in the way of button tufted trims. Glam style beds can find their perfect placement upon a faux fur rug, or in front of a dramatic, oversized mirror.

Perfect for the home that is… Classy, but unafraid to take chances with bold statement pieces and furnishings that feature velvet, studs, plush materials and glittering detailing. 

Metallic Daybed with Trundle

Modern Style

Modern style daybeds showcase minimal detailing and sleek shapes, ranging from smooth curves, to others that feature more angular corners and straight lines. Central to this style is unfussy design and unpretentious color palettes.

Perfect for the home that is… Simplistic in style and always up-to-date with modern trends.

Gray Daybed with Roll out Trundle

Contemporary Style

Contemporary style daybeds with trundle feature graceful angles, gentle curves and a simple, unassuming design. For a more impactful look, contemporary daybeds can be selected in a bolder color, such as a deep red.

Perfect for the home that is… Given the understated style of contemporary daybeds, they’re perfect for the home where the interior changes from year to year, or even from season to season, as they effortlessly blend into their surroundings.

Gray Contemporary Daybed with Trundle

Mission Style

Here’s a style of daybed with real heritage. Emerging at the very end of the 19th century, this design direction can be credited to one A.J. Forbes – a furniture manufacturer and retailer. Since his time this style has gone from strength to strength, changing little in the many intervening years, with simplistic horizontal and vertical lines, grain-emphasizing flat panels and beautiful woods such as oak and walnut still the beautiful standard.

Perfect for the home that is… A mission style daybed works well as a statement piece in a home with limited other wooden pieces, and the dark wood can be especially effective amongst a cool color palette of creams and greys.

Mission Style Daybed

Industrial Pipe Style

Industrial pipe style daybeds with trundle are somewhat of a paradox – while they can be the perfect fit amongst last century style furniture, they are equally at home amongst the most cutting edge of interiors (think over-sized steel lights, exposed brickwork, wooden or concrete floors and retro 60s leather chairs).

Given how open their design is, this style of daybed is the perfect stage for beautiful cushions and rich, layered fabrics.

Perfect for the home that is… Either distinctly traditional - to be placed in a room with antique style pieces and classic interior style, or a home that is decidedly minimalistic - with uncluttered rooms, a few carefully chosen key pieces and light and bright color schemes of white, cream or grays.

Choose luxe materials for your fabrics to create a beautiful contrast against the industrial metal of the pipes.

Industrial Pipe Style Daybed

Key Question - What is a daybed with trundle?

As the festive season draws to a close, you’re perhaps all too aware of the struggle when accommodating overnight Christmas guests and New Year’s Eve revelers. For this annual challenge, a daybed with a trundle is the perfect solution (and is far preferable to the average blow up bed or space heavy couch bed).

Daybeds that feature a trundle can be thought of as a bargain buy of two beds in one, with the smaller bed sliding out from under the main daybed frame. This style of daybed is perfect for saving on space whilst comfortably accommodating plenty of guests. Many of the daybeds featured in this style guide can be upgraded to feature a trundle (simply look out for the drop-down menu option on each product page).

Never again face the task of creating a last-minute bed with a woeful blow up mattresses – look forward to napping in style and looking after your guests, with a daybed that perfectly fits your style and seamlessly blends into your interior design.

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