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California King Bed vs. Standard King Bed: Know the Basics

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King size beds and California King beds are both about maximizing comfort. Like any bed though, it's also about making a choice based on personal needs and situation.

Standard King Bed

Comfort & Style

To start, make sure you have the room. An over-sized bed — regardless of dimensions — in a small room ruins a space. The most relaxing and beauteous bed with the most heavenly mattress and sheets is wasted if there is no room on either side to get in bed, especially if you start crowding the room with your bureaus, side tables, mirrors, etc.

Any bed with King dimensions belongs in a wide bedroom with ample surroundings.

A King size bed, also known as an Eastern King, is wide. The California King bed is going to be longer. This is the information you need to start with. Many can go with the King size for the room it offers. It's great for couples who like that extra space. The California King, with its extended length, is perfect for people who are tired of having their feet hang off the end of the mattress.


The King bed can measure between 76 and 80 inches in length, while the California King reaches anywhere between 72 and 84 inches. (For comparison, the Queen stops at 60 inches, (Outside) of maximizing comfort, the extra bed space is excellent if you have pets that insist on sleeping with you, or children who have a tendency to slip between your sheets. If you are over 6'-2", California King sizes make a tremendous difference in the way you rest.

California King Bed

Whether you are shopping for a California King bed or a Standard King bed, go for the bed that best suits your needs. A California King bed is the perfect choice for a taller than average person while a Standard King bed is great for those that want plenty of comfortable sprawl space.

Crafted for your comfort, our King-sized beds are designed to help you sleep better regardless of height or sleeping positions. Take your time and shop through our wide selection of King Size beds that are all in stock and ready to ship straight to your door anywhere in Orange County & Los Angeles. 

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