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Full Bed vs Queen Bed Differences

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Comfort: Quality of sleep means having enough mattress space to allow a person to relax in comfort. Beds come in a variety of sizes to suit the sleeping arrangements of everyone from small children to very tall adults. Twin size or single size beds have good support for smaller children. Full size beds are also called standard or double size beds, and they are more comfortable for teenage children and single adults. Couples enjoy the extra width and length of queen size beds. A queen bed is a great size for a guest room.

Queen Size Bed

Size: The major difference between a full bed and a queen bed is the size. Regardless of the make or brand of a mattress, the dimensions are the same. The following guide is a general policy for sizing and will help anyone find the ideal bed for support and comfort.

Full Size Bed:

-54 inches wide and 75 inches long

-Allows for 27 inches of personal space when used by two individuals

-Ideal for individuals up to 5’9” in height

-Uses a standard rectangular frame

Queen Size Bed: 

-60 inches wide and 80 inches long

-Allows for 30 inches of personal space when used by two individuals

-Ideal for taller individuals

-Uses a standard rectangular frame with an added leg support in the middle

Full Size Bed

Price: There is a price difference between the two bed sizes. The sheets, shams, blankets, bedspreads, comforters, quilts, and duvet covers are more expensive for queen size beds than for full size beds. There is no cost difference in pillow cases because standard pillows can be utilized on both full and queen size beds. A good policy is to measure both the mattress and the box-spring. This precaution will ensure that all pieces are the same size.

Twin Size Bed with Storage

Other Options: A king size bed is ideal for a home that has larger rooms with lots of living space. The wider Eastern king size bed is the same length as a queen size bed. The narrower California king size bed is longer than the queen size. The pillows are larger for king size beds and require larger pillow cases.


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