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How to Create a Minimalist Bedroom Design

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If you live in Orange County or Los Angeles, you have undoubtedly seen the sudden surge in minimalist designs ranging from restaurants to homes. Although the design may seem simple, a lot goes in to creating the perfect minimalist bedroom design. Every piece in the room is specifically selected to perform a function; such as creating a seamless look or providing functional storage in a subtle way. This simple guide will tell you how to get started so you can enjoy a room that exudes sleek sophistication without going over your budget.

                platform bed

Choosing the right bed

Choosing the perfect bed for a simple and chic look is essential. It is the life line of the bedroom and the centerpiece that commands attention. Most designers agree that the best type of bed for a minimalist bedroom are platform beds. The reason for this that platform beds are typically modern by design, low profile and don’t require a box spring mattress. A simplistic bed gives the illusion of spending a lot of money by the way casual way it adds elegant flair to a room.

minimalist dresser drawer white

Finding function

One of the biggest challenges people face when going for a minimalist look is choosing the right furniture pieces. It’s not enough for the furniture to look good, it has to serve a purpose as well. A standard piece to consider getting is a basic nightstand. The drawers provide simple storage essentials as well as a place to put your phone, TV remote and a lamp. The next piece of furniture relies on how much space you have to work with. If space is tight, a tall chest of drawers will provide valuable storage space while still keeping a minimalist design. If space is not an issue, a contemporary 6 drawer chest will perfectly complement the bed and night stand. Just keep in mind that if you don’t need that much storage space, less is more.

platform beds

Creating the theme

When you have the bed, nightstand and dresser all picked out, it’s time for the fun part; tying the theme of the room together. Just a few small but poignant pieces can dramatically enhance the vibe that the room emits. First start out by adding some art to the room. A boldly colored canvas or a large dynamic photo above your bed is a great way to create contrast with the bedroom furniture. Next, consider either a fake or real plant. A simple plant such as a Bonsai tree is not only easy to maintain, it adds a pop of color while also enriching the theme of the bedroom. Lastly, choose the right lighting! This can come in many forms, such as floor lamps, wall lighting and furniture lamps. These stately pieces not only tie a room together; it highlights its features.

Final advice

Any minimalist furniture designer will tell you to start off with less. That way, if you feel the room needs more functional furnishings you can gradually add more. As you browse through our selection of furniture remember to have fun with it. Pieces don’t have to match in order for it to look great in a room. Choosing the right aesthetic touches can be.


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