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What Is the Difference between a Sideboard and Curio Cabinet?

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Are you looking for a complementary furniture piece for your dining room set? Below are the two most-popular dining room add-on that our customers simply love; which are sideboards and curio cabinets. Do you know the difference between a sideboard and a curio cabinet? The two furniture pieces can be quite confusing and are often confused for one another. There is however, a difference between the two.

wood sideboard with wine rack

A sideboard is a modern-day kitchen cabinet that pairs perfectly with a matching dining table. It is often used as a display piece to showcase prized possessions. A side board can be identified through defining features such as its long and wide surface top that is great placing food and items. Below the surface top is usually wood or glass cabinets that are used for storage or display. One feature many furniture retailers can agree upon is that sideboard usually has short legs or cabinets that reach all the way down to the floor. Modest in design, a sideboard complements a dining table set by adding a seamless look without taking away the eye-alluring presence of a dining table.

buttermilk wood curio cabinet

A curio cabinet is designed to be used as a furniture display piece in a dining room. Bold by design, a curio cabinet stands vertically and is the perfect complementary dining room piece. A curio is easily identified because it is typically crafted with a wooden frame, glass cabinet doors, a mirrored back and lights. Curio cabinets are the perfect piece to put your possessions on display, such as fine china, crystal figurines or a crafted doll.

Now that you know the difference between the two, which one best suits your needs? A sideboard is “modern” way to get the best of both worlds, meaning you can have an area to serve food and subtly display your treasures. Curio cabinets on the other hand, feature a timeless traditional design that displays your finest possessions in an elegantly refined manor.

Here are OC furniture, we recommend that you assess your needs to figure out which of the two amazing dining set case pieces is right for you. Take your time in browsing through our selection of sideboardsand buffets until you find the one that is perfect for your home.

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