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Types of Beds and Sizes

Types of Beds and Sizes


Bed sizes range from small sizes such as single / twin, full which are great for kid’s teens and young adults. Larger sizes include Queen, Standard Eastern King and California King which are ideal for larger children and adults.


Types of beds are the way a bed frame is constructed. Popular bed frames include traditional, platform, poster, sleigh, captain’s bed, low profile, bunk beds and more.


Styles of a bed range from traditional, contemporary, modern, casual and transitional. The best bed style is one that complements your home and existing bedroom furniture.


Bed Sizes:


Twin / Single Bed: Bed Sizes: 75” long and 39” wide

A twin bed size is commonly used by children and kids of all ages. It is also referred to as a single bed which can come in many forms, such as in a captain’s bed, trundle twin and bunk bed.




Twin X-long: 80” long and 39” wide

An extra—long twin bed is ideal for tall kids, teens and adults. Its defining feature is that it is 5” longer than a standard twin. It is the same length as a Queen or Standard King bed and is best suited for people that are over 6 feet tall.


Full / Double: 85” long and 54” wide

A full-sized bed, which is also known as a double bed is about 15” wider than a twin / single bed. This bed size is popular among college students, hotels and is gaining popularity as a full sized bunk beds and loft beds.




Queen: 80” long and 60” wide

A queen sized bed is 80”L by 60” wide and is the most popular bed that is used by kids, teens, young adults and newlyweds. It is the most used bed size for hotels, bachelor’s and guest rooms.




Standard / Eastern King: 80” long and 76” – 78” wide

A standard king is also known as an Eastern King and is 80”L by 76” – 78” wide. It is the same length as a queen bed but is roughly 18” wider. This bed is ideal for larger rooms and provides plenty of sleeping space for couples and even enough room for the little one that wants to sneak in during the night.




California King: 84” long and 72” wide

A California king is commonly 80”L by 72” wide. This bed is 12” wider than a queen bed and 4” longer. This bed is perfect for tall children and couples.



Bed Design:


Low Profile:

This type of bed is commonly a modern or contemporary bed. The defining feature is its low profile design which means that the bed is close to the ground. Usually requires a box-spring mattress. Its design makes it ideal for shorter people and creates a wide-open feel in a room which makes a room appear larger.




Platform Beds:

Platform beds feature a design that does not require a box-spring mattress. It typically comes with a wooden support or slats, which eliminates the need to spend more money on a box spring.



Poster Bed:

Poster bed, or 4-post bed comes is crafted to come with four columns either tall or short and usually has a large headboard and foot board. These beds are popular in cherry, oak and walnut finishes.




Mission Bed

A mission style bed is designed to have an emphasis on the wooden bed structure that shows off its grain wood and striation details. It offers a country look with horizontal and vertical lines and commonly comes in a variety of oak, walnut and birch finishes.


Panel Bed:

A panel bed features a wooden headboard and foot board which is adorned with wooden panel slats. These beds can also come with embedded leatherette or microfiber padding. They are typically available in white, oak, cherry, cappuccino and other shades of dark wood.



Sleigh Bed:

A sleigh bed had a curved headboard and foot board that gives off the appearance of a sleigh. They are connected via two wooden rails and are crafted from solid wood with veneers that usually come in a range of mahogany and cherry finishes.




This style of bed features a shelf storage headboard perfect for books, alarm clocks and decorative pieces. Underneath the headboard is usually an under bed storage for blankets and pillow or under bed trundle for accommodating guests and sleepovers. Available in: black, white, navy blue, cherry, oak, pecan, birch and walnut finish.



A daybed is primarily used for taking naps during the day. It is considered to be a combination between a couch, chaise lounge and a bed. This bed comes in all shapes and sizes and can be crafted from wood, metal or both.




Bunk Bed:

A bunk bed is a pair of beds that are stacked on top of each other which forms a bunk. The most common configurations are a twin over twin, twin over full and full over full. Popular among: kids, teens and college-aged youth.




Loft Bed:

A loft bed can be one or two beds stacked over each other or perpendicular to one another. It will usually have a built-in desk, workstation, shelves and even a chest of drawers.




A futon is a sofa that converts into a bed. During the day it is used as an everyday couch while at night it becomes a reliable, comfortable bed. Perfect for the living room, bedroom and guest room. These come crafted in wood, metal or a combination of both. It is available in easy to clean leatherette and microfiber upholstery.



A trundle is an easily movable roll out bed that goes underneath a bed. Most are a twin size and can come in either wood or metal. It is great for accommodating overnight guests and can be added to several types of beds, bunk beds and captain’s bed.








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