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Bunk Bed Terminology

Bunk Bed Terminology

Headboard: Typically a large wooden frame where a child will rest their head. Each bunk bed comes with two headboards; one on the top bed and lower bed.


Foot board: Consists of a large, wood or metal frame where a child’s feet will be located. Each bunk bed comes with two foot boards; one on the top bunk and lower bed.


Side Rails: These rails connect the headboard to the foot board. Each bunk bed comes with two upper bunk rails and two rails for the lower bed.


Short Guard Rails: this is a short safety guard rail frame that attaches to the upper bed. This prevents a child from accidentally rolling off the bed while sleeping. Short guard rails have a slight opening that grants access to the top bunk with a ladder.


Long Guard Rails: a long guard rail that connects the back of the upper headboard and footboard. A long guard rail keeps a child safe while sleeping to by ensuring that they won’t accidentally roll off while sleeping.


Short Ladder: Attaches to the upper and lower rails of a bunk bed. This type of ladder enables the use of under bed drawers and trundles by not being in the way when opening and closing the under storage compartment.


Long Ladder: A long ladder attaches the upper side rails and reaches down to the floor for a comfortable entrance and exit


Slats: Slats are pieces of wood that are used to support a mattress. Slats are usually hammered or screwed into the side rails for firm, sturdy support.


Slat Rolls: A roll of slats consists of several evenly-spaced slats that are connected with two high-tension ropes or belts.


Bunkie Board: A Bunkie board goes under the mattress of a bunk bed and provides firm mattress support.


Bunking Pins: Also known as dowels. Typically made of metal, four per bunk bed, to secure the upper bed to lower bed


Ladder Hooks: Are screwed into upper part of ladder. Typically 4 hooks come with short ladder and 2 hooks come with long ladder.


Long Barrel Bolts: long bolts that connect headboard and foot boards to side rails.


Under Bed Drawers: Under bed drawers are on optional add-on to a bunk bed that are stationed under the lower bed. Provides additional storage without taking up valuable bedroom space.


Under Bed Trundle: An under bed trundle is a popular bunk bed add-on that is located beneath the lower bed. Typically comes in a twin-size and is great for accommodating sleep-over and unexpected guests.


Twin over Twin: A twin over twin bed is commonly known as single over single bed. Most sellers use the term “twin bunk bed”.




Twin over Full: Also commonly referred to as a single over double. The single bed sits on top of the double bed. This size ideal for parents that have children that vary in age.



Full over Full: Also known as double over double bed. Most sellers use the term “full bunk bed”. This size is ideal for teenagers, college youth and adults.



Futon Bunk Bed: This configuration consists of a standard upper bunk with a fun, lower futon that can be used as a couch or be adjusted to be used as bed.





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