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OC Furniture’s Guide to Buying a Dining Table Set

OC Furniture’s Guide to Buying a Dining Table Set


One of the most essential pieces of furniture for the home that is commonly used for gathering family and friends (especially during the holidays) is none other than a dining table. The centerpiece of any dining room is the dining table; finding the perfect one is all about assessing your personal style, taste, needs and budget. This guide will help you to figure out everything you need from a dining table so that it complements your home décor, dining needs and lasts for years.

That said, here are some basic essentials you need to contemplate when shopping for a new dining table.


1. Allocate a budget. A dining table set can range from a hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Because of this, you should set a reasonable budget for yourself to set parameters so you don’t go way over or under budget. If you have a quaint dining room or loft apartment, you want something that combines function and form. If your dining room is massive, you will want something much larger in order to fill the dining room.


2. Select a style that shows off your personal taste. If you are into current home décor trends, a contemporary dining design is perfect for you. Into something more grand and ornate? Consider a timeless, traditional design that is easily identified by its Victorian-like design with intricate moldings and carved wood details. Want a mixture of both of these? A transitional style will complement your existing furniture and create a look that expresses your unique personality.




3. Consider what you want the table to be crafted from. Are you more partial to wood, metal, or do you prefer a mixture of materials that you would like your dining table to be constructed from? Hardwood tables made from oak, teak and mahogany all stand the test of time and will likely last a lifetime. Metal on the other hand is typically very budget friendly, extremely durable and requires little to no maintenance.




4. Tabletops matter. An often overlooked aspect of a dining table is the type of top you want. A solid wood top not only looks great, many come with extension leaves to accommodate additional guests. Then there are glass tops, which have grown in popularity in recent times. They offer the unique characteristics of making a room appear larger, brighter and blend in with all types of home décor. Lastly there are genuine marble and faux marble tops. These tops radiate elegance and offer a unique look that is sure to impress yours guests.


5. Choose a shape that works with the room. If the room is large enough to seat 6 to 8 people, a rectangular table is a classic choice for accommodating additional guests. If the room is more compact and square in shape, a round table is the way to go. Round tables promote flowing conversations as everyone is facing one another and it’s also great for family game nights. Square tables are another popular option and look great in any setting; just make sure to measure the room first so ensure that the table will fit!




6. Curves with Character. Choose a table that has a design that catches your eye. If you have a dining area that resembles a boring box, spice it up with an octagon shape or a unique oval shape. Go even further by choosing the type of base support you want for your table. Choose between shapely curved legs, tapered legs or a dynamic pedestal or double pedestal base.




7. Tables with storage. Who says a dining table can’t also be a storage solution? Many dining tables are now designed with built-in shelves, drawers, wine-storage and Lazy Susan’s. Having easy access to plates and wine have never been easier thanks to advances in furniture technology.




8. Complement with color. You can have the most beautiful dining table set and it won’t matter if it is surrounded by a rainbow of colored décor that doesn’t complement it. If the room is traditional or country in theme, colors such as oak, brown and natural wood would certainly go along with the theme. If you are aiming towards a more minimalist approach, bold colors such as red are a show-stopper. You can always go with simple sophistication and go with black…which will ALWAYS be the new black.




9. Multifunctional tables. A dining table shouldn’t be limited to just one purpose. Many tables, particularly country and casually styled ones have convenient drop-leaves. A round table can be turned into a square shape with ease. A drop-leaf table can also be utilized as a console or breakfast nook to leave your place more open. Having guests over? Simply put the drop leaves back in place to accommodate your needs.


10. Think it through. Take all the time you need when it comes to making a final decision. A dining table set is a big purchase and being happy with your decision is all that matters. If you love the way the dining table looks, is within your budget, meets your needs and complements your dining area; chances are you just found the perfect dining table set.



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